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Spursuaders caught on film

Camilla and Mercy  
Andre Renier of Knights of Iron Joust team  
Camilla and Mercy  
Camilla Willings and Mercy on their way to winning the Extreme Cowboy Challenge (Ontario Outdoor Equine Expo)  
Nicole Parkin  
Nicole Parkin en route to winning the the Training division, Woodwind HT  
Patrick St. Pierre OHTA  
Joris VanSpringel from Belgium, Badminton  
Patrick St. Pierre OHTA Kelly Plitz
Patrick St. Pierre winning the OHTA Jr. Pre Training
Olympian Kelly Plitz competing at
Stephanie St. Pierre Patrick St. Pierre
Stephanie St. Pierre galloping en route to winning
the Open Preliminary at Grandview
Congrats to Patrick St. Pierre on winning the Jr. Pre Training A division at Grandview
Lori Leach Lauren Record
Congrats to Lori Leach on winning the Training division at
Brae Fearann, New Brunswick
Lauren Record at Rivanna Run, Virginia

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